Life. Bring It.

We help women athletes translate the CONFIDENCE & SKILLS they’ve developed in THEIR sport into their lives.

Women athletes have that thing that makes them outstanding leaders: Drive. Determination. Confidence. The Next Play empowers them to translate what they embody on the court or field into their careers and lives, encouraging women to bring forward their unique talents as they define their own paths to successful, fulfilling lives.

  • A New Approach for a New Generation

    The old school methods -- writing a resume, developing interview skills, learning to wear a suit -- are no longer enough. Sure, they might be necessary, but the first step is self-discovery. They need an individual approach and dedicated partner: they need a coach.

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  • 90% of Women Athletes
    won’t work in sports

    While competitive athletes often have laser-sharp short-term vision in their sport (the next practice, next win, next game), they often lack the time, ability or inclination to create a longer-term vision for their lives. We want women athletes to stop ending up in their lives after sport, and start creating lives they'll love. The Next Play helps athletes achieve this: building confidence, accessing choice, and cultivating intentionality.

  • We’ve lived it.
    So we created it.

    The Next Play was founded by former athletes (forever-athletes at heart) with expertise in key areas: the sports industry, higher education, learning products, leadership coaching, and adult development. We believe in women, in athletics and in rigorous standards and regulations for coaching.

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What some of our athletes are saying

“Life changing.
My eyes were opened to things
about myself I never knew about
and that was truly
an amazing experience.”

“I’ve learned how
not to be so overwhelmed.
Coaching has taught me
practices to help maintain
motivation and focus.”


“It helped me grow in ways I never thought I could and I obtained skills and advice that apply in the
workplace, in my personal life and on the playing field.”

“I was able to become a better
version of myself.”

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