About The Next Play: Give her a coach and watch her grow.

The Next Play pairs woman athletes with credentialed, experienced, leadership and development coaches to help them create a personal vision and action plan for a bold, confident life. Creating self-awareness, greater resilience, purpose and intentionality as they face their futures
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Give the gift of confidence. Your donation will help provide personal, one-on-one professional leadership & development coaching for women athletes, supporting them in their quest to bring all their unique talents into the world.

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Managing our Funds

The Next Play is a private corporation established in the State of Pennsylvania. We earmark funds by the standard for non-profits: allocating 70% of donations toward core services, with the remaining 30% toward marketing and operations. Our vision is to create access for each and every woman athlete who desires assistance, so we’re serious about utilizing the majority of funds toward the delivery of coaching. We’re currently preparing to file as a 501(c)3 corporation, so in the near future our donor gifts will enjoy the benefit of tax deduction. Please contact us if you have questions.