The Power of Mindlessness

Much is said (and, truthfully, I’ve said much) about mindfulness. It can give a huge boost to your energy focus, sense of peace, and wellbeing. Please do be mindful. (and If you’re feeling inspired read our series of posts about mindfulness). But also, know that there’s power in being mindless.

Have you noticed that your days are spent flying from one activity to the next? Crossing one thing or another off of a seemingly endless To-Do list?

Do you ever just take time for silence? To let your mind wander, unharnessed and uninhibited?

This is what I mean when I say mindless.

A space of mindlessness can be the place where you do your best creative thinking and problem-solving. Good, old-fashioned day dreaming.

I’m not talking about spacing out during a meeting, practice, or dinner with friends and family. I’m talking about a place you intentionally create for yourself to be totally unfocused on any one thing, and yet undistracted by outside noise.

Can you think of the last time you did this? Where does your best intentional mind-wandering take place?

I experience my best mindlessness when I drive. When I’m in the car alone, I choose silence (turn off that podcast!), and I dedicate that time to just being with my thoughts. I don’t try to harness them or focus them on any one thing, and I’m always amazed at what pops up.

I frequently end this time feeling inspired, refreshed, and with new ideas about how to move forward with more purpose and intention.

Mindlessness is a great compliment to your Pause (or mindfulness) practice. Try it, and see what it’s like for you! For bonus points, try journaling about your experience with mindlessness, or at least jot down the great ideas that come to you.

Happy wandering, friends.

For further reading on the power of silence, check out this post from HBR.

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About a quarter of Americans agree that their stress levels have increased in the past year, yet a significant 20% say they never engage in an activity to manage this stress.1 As an athlete, you’re no exception. You have constant demands to juggle the pressure of your sport and your life. Add to that the physical and emotional tax that travel levies, and it’s no wonder you’re feeling this way. We’re here to help.

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Henrietta Paxton Pole Vaults

And, we’re off!

We’re excited to introduce a new service to help women athletes prepare and build their futures: a life they will love and not just “end up in.”  We’re currently in pilot mode and will share results, news and insight… so check back.  We also invite you to connect with us on Twitter @NxtPlay